Your Investment Goals Are Ours Too

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TFR Global Financial Services

TFR Global’s team brings over 120 years of collective financial services’ experience in providing you with reliable, honest and up to the minute financial market advice to help you achieve financial independence and peace of mind.

We specialize in helping clients build confidence and stability for their future.

Whether you are a private investor taking care of a family, a corporation taking care of corporate funds, an institution taking care of client funds or simply wishing to plan or enjoy retirement, we can help you strengthen your financial portfolio.

At TFR Global, we treasure the opportunity to prove to you why you should choose our firm.

We follow a disciplined approach to establish a professional relationship with all of our clients, and we follow a prescribed ongoing client road map in which we establish and confirm your goals and expectations to ensure we deliver against those expectations.

Whether you need an income, are looking to grow your portfolio, increase your wealth or just safeguard it, our investment expertise can help. We aim to meet the demands of today's investors with our commitment to offering a personal approach to portfolio management, where your individual wealth requirements, or those of your clients, are our primary concern.

Being able to integrate our wealth planning expertise with our high-caliber investment management heritage ensures TFR Global can always provide an appropriate service for your investment needs.

Your Investment Goals Are Ours Too

We tailor portfolios to individual client requirements, whether private, corporate or institutional thus ensuring a high degree of flexibility when managing your investment funds. Your investment manager is wholly responsible for your portfolio, which ensures it is constructed to meet your investment requirements and allows for adaptability and responsiveness if and when those needs change.

We understand that clients rightfully expect a long-standing, personal relationship with their TFR Global investment managers, and this is what we provide them with, ensuring stability and a personal understanding of their individual and unique goals and expectations.

We want to help you enjoy the financial future you always imagined. At TFR Global our success is built upon relationships, trust as well as word of mouth. Many of our clients have introduced us to members of their family to the extent that we often manage investment portfolios across multiple generations.

With equity investing at the core of our client proposition, a detailed knowledge of the underlying holdings is crucial. Our in-house analysts research global markets, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to obtain up-to-date market analysis and information. Our in-house analysts will regularly meet with our investment managers to discuss market opportunities that could be benefit to our clients.

Achieve Financial Stability

Financial stability is a universal pursuit, but it’s also a personal one. For some people, financial stability is a life of adventure and travel. Some people’s definition of financial stability is taking comfort in the fact that whatever life throws at them they are prepared. For others, it’s leaving a legacy through achievement. When you let our team help you, we strive to truly understand your unique vision for the future.

Whatever you might hope to achieve, we dedicate our expertise, resources and time to help you complete your picture of how you want your life to be. While providing a comprehensive array of services, we craft sophisticated solutions tailored to meet your needs today, tomorrow and for years to come.

We also focus on online security and data protection and work hard to ensure our systems incorporate the latest controls. The processes and procedures for your online account’s fund transfers are yours to manage, so you should never need to speak with our team should you wish to transfer out your online account balance with us.

Services We Provide

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